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The media and the public are interested in the process and in the artist’s journey. That’s not to say that your story needs to be dramatic, tragic, or theatrical to be effective, but that you need to showcase your work within the context of a story. Everyone has a compelling story. All artists, whether they be authors, filmmakers or musicians, have taken a captivating journey.

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Who We Are

PR for Writers & Filmmakers is an international public relations firm dedicated to the advancement of authors, filmmakers, and musicians. Founded in 1990 as a subdivision of Anthony Mora Communications, Inc., we specialize in media placement, brand development, media training, and social media marketing. Clients have been featured in Time, Newsweek, 60 Minutes, CNN, the Wall Street Journal, The Oprah Winfrey Show, The New York Times, Los Angeles Times, The Wall Street Journal, BBC, Filmmaker Magazine, Variety, Publisher’s Weekly, and the Huffington Post—to name a few.

Anthony Mora

Founder and CEO

Anthony Mora, founder and head of Anthony Mora Communications and PR for Writers, began his media career as a freelance journalist and magazine editor. He co-founded Phillips & Mora Entertainment, a public relations and personal management company, which ventured into video and film production.

    Christine K Soderbergh

    Senior Account Executive

    Keefer Soderbergh is a public relations specialist with over 20 years of professional experience. Through media connections that are continuously growing, fostered, and utilized, Keefer Soderbergh bridges the gap between businesses and the general public, delivering aggressive and effective PR campaigns.

    Aileen Saldana

    Account Executive

    Aileen Saldana is a PR and Digital Marketing Strategist. She is experienced in developing personalized strategies combining PR, social media, and digital marketing to create brand awareness for businesses to connect with their target audience. She has worked with such brands as Harmless Harvest, ColourPop, Golds Gym, and has garnered press coverage in local, regional and national media outlets.

    Samantha Westervelt

    Director, Marketing & Creative Content

    Samantha Westervelt has extensive experience in the digital marketing and social media world. She has worked with brands across all major platforms to elevate their online presence, providing in-depth branding strategy and design expertise. Additionally, she is our in-house web designer and social media manager. She is also a musician and songwriter.

    Michelle Sandoval

    Account Executive

    Michelle Sandoval has over a decade of experience as a publicist, digital marketer and social media specialist in the entertainment industry. She has worked directly with leading television and film studios, media brands, record labels, top tier publishing houses and best-selling authors. Working with media outlets all over the country, she has successfully gained nationwide exposure

    Client Testimonials

    Anthony Mora Communications, Inc. developed a successful PR campaign for me and my book, landing placements in the New York Times, the Los Angeles Times, Time magazine, NPR and various other media outlets. The firm has always given us personalized attention. I feel they're part of my team. I cannot recommend them highly enough. - Stella Henry Author of Difficult Choices/Compassionate Solutions (HarperCollins) -

    Thank you for the completely over-the-top fantastic PR job you guys did for me. It was above and beyond all expectations. You guys rock! - Pinque Clark / Fine Art Photographer -

    Anthony Mora Communications delivers in spades. I am astounded almost daily by the media appearances Anthony and his team of peerless professionals continue to land me. He will spin your story into success. Trust me. You simply can’t find this kind of service, and I’ve looked everywhere. – Nick Fowler, Author -

    “The Anthony Mora PR Team is absolutely incredible. After leaving a PR firm that basically lied and stole money from us, Anthony and his team welcomed me with open arms, and a campaign which is second to none. Being an independent author and screen writer, I am blessed beyond belief to have such an amazing -

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