Our Mission

PR for Writers and Filmmakers represent artists who tell stories visually or with the written word.

Effective PR is effective storytelling.

Although filmmakers and authors are storytellers, this is a skill they often forget when it comes to marketing their projects.

Some (erroneously) believe that they don’t need to market their works, or that the marketing will be done for them.

Others mistakenly shift gears and go from telling stories to selling their works and the last thing that the media or the public wants is to be sold.

As the saying goes, advertising is paid media and PR is earned media.  It’s earned because the story is compelling, creative and relevant.

Only PR offers the legitimacy and credibility of being featured in the news.  This type of coverage separates you from the competition, builds your brand and reaches your target audience.

You find your project interesting because it is your passion.

It is our job to turn your interest into the media’s interest.

We work with authors and filmmakers to help reach a mainstream audience, sell their projects, establish their brand.

Each client is unique.

Each has his or her specific PR needs and we target our campaigns to meet those needs.

As mentioned earlier,

Effective PR is Effective Storytelling, – which is our specialty.

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