PR for Writers and Filmmakers has worked with such films & production companies as:

Paramount Pictures

Gramercy Pictures

Bigfoot Entertainment

The International Academy of Film and Television (IAFT)

Hal Leonard Company

Walking Wolf Productions

Ancient Arrow Films

House Lights Media

Edgmar Center for the Performing Arts

Romeo is Bleeding

Dr. Abdul Kalam by Dream Merchants

Back Beat

Midnight Movie


Prosecution of an American President

Mr. Civil Rights

The Black Russian

Last Supper

Tracing Outlines

Night of the Living Dead 3D

Cooper and Hemingway: The True Gen

PR for Writers and Filmmakers has worked with such books and publishing companies as:


Simon & Schuster

Health Communications

Hawk Publishing

One Death at a Time by Thomas. M. Hewlett

Darquel and the Infinity Hunters  by  Le’Marqunita Lowe

Lucky or Not: Here I Come by Gerry Orz

Two Shades of Vice by Dewey Reynolds

The High Performance Life…Dream It, Plan It, Practice It, Do It by Joe Gagnon

The First First Gentleman

The Eldercare Handbook

The Band 4, The Air We Breathe

The Silverado Story

My Big Fake Irish Life

Compassion Fatigue and Burnout in Nursing: Enhancing Professional Quality of Life

Toxic People

My Guardian Angles