PR FOR WRITERS is a PR Firm specializing in literary and film public relations.

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“The team at PR for Writers are pros.  They landed me coverage in Time Magazine, the Los Angeles Times, NBC, PBS and several other media outlets. I highly recommend them.”    Stella Henry Author of The Eldercare Handbook

Whether you are an author, screenwriter, filmmaker, or all of those, we have designed services to meet your marketing an PR needs.

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“I can’t believe you landed me so many interviews….  I am so happy.” – Marguerite Nardone Gruen, Author of “The Band 4: The Air We Breathe”

Whether you’ve signed with a major publishing house, a boutique publisher or have a self-published your book, there is one constant –You need PR!

More precisely, you need your own PR representation that will focus solely on you and your works.

With all of the changes in the publishing world, effective media relations is more important than ever.

Why PR?

Because public relations is the only form of marketing that reaches your target market and offers you the credibility and validation of being featured in the media. 

You are not presented as an ad, a commercial, a sales piece or a social media post –

You are the news.

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